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The premier clinic
for celebrities

Here at JUVIDA, we treat all our patients as VIPs.

We are proud to have a beautiful purpose build clinic in a discreet location away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Why we have so many celebrities restore their hair and confidence with us?:

  • Incredible results
  • Discreet and professional staff
  • Purpose build clinic
  • The best robotic technology (ARTAS)
  • Links to media outlets if you are wanting to make people aware
  • Platform to gain more coverage in media

If you are a celebrity or have a large social media following and are interested working with JUVIDA, email us directly at info@juvidaclinics.com.

Celebrity videos

Britain’s Got Talent Winner, George Sampson

George Sampson, Featuring on ITV’s This Morning

X Factor’s Lloyd Daniels

George Sampson feels his hair transplant has saved his career

“SO, on the 26th April 2017, I will be travelling to the Juvida Clinic, Skipton, to have a HAIR TRANSPLANT …”

“This is something I’ve considered having done for years, I have always been convincing myself I’m not worried or it’s not a big deal but really it is. I am only 23.”

“It’s not only for my own confidence but also being in my line of work which is very image orientated and unfortunately I felt my hair (lack of) could affect my work. My hair loss comes from three things’ alopecia (caused by a lot of stress and loss of a family member), genetics and head spinning, as the hair loss is not only a receding hair line but a string down the centre of my head.”

“I spend so much time doing my hair (well Lauren does) to try and cover up as much as I can and to make use of the hair I do have. I’ve decided I’ve had enough of that, I want my own hair, I am only 23 so balding seems like something which happens to older men so I decided I will go through with the transplant…”

Britain’s Got Talent Winner, George Sampson

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