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Dry Shampoo – A God-Send or the Devil in Disguise?

Dry Shampoo – A God-Send or the Devil in Disguise?

For women, dry shampoo is seen as a beauty staple. It’s possibly one of the most convenient beauty products around – increasing volume and hiding day-old dirty hair. It is most often found in powder form, and commonly sold in aerosol cans. As if hiding dirt and increasing volume wasn’t enough, it only takes two seconds to spray on!

During the day your scalp produces natural oil, and your hair is exposed to the dust and pollution of daily life. Healthy hair only occurs if the hair and scalp is kept clean. Dry shampoo mimics the appearance of cleanliness by absorbing the excess oil that gives hair the ‘greasy’ look. However, it doesn’t remove any of the dirt and dust that builds up.

Using dry shampoo regularly can cause problems that last longer than the shiny hair you have for the day. You are essentially adding more dirt to the scalp and eventually, this dirt will begin to clog follicles. The more dry shampoo you use, the harder it is to keep removing it every time you wash your hair. Deposits can get left over, and the dirt begins to block the follicle completely, which begins to affect your hair growth.

If the follicle is blocked, the hair in there weakens, leading to hair loss. Once you’ve lost that strand of hair, another will begin to grow in its place, but it will be stunted by the dirt. This can also cause pimples and acne on your scalp, as well as general irritation. This is then difficult to treat.

However, as dry shampoo can aid you in your styling mission, we’re not telling you to ban it completely (although it’s a personal choice of course!). Have a read of list below to find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing with dry shampoo:

Top Tips for Dry Shampoo:-

  • Don’t: Spray too much. Remember it’s always easier to add more if you need to rather than try and remove it.
  • Don’t: Use dry shampoo instead of a regular shampoo. Dry shampoo is there to absorb oil and make styling easier – it doesn’t clean your scalp, and is not a substitution for washing your hair!
  • Don’t: Use dry shampoo on consecutive days. Make sure you wash your hair properly in between uses.
  • Do: Spray the product from at least six inches away from the scalp. Any closer and it’ll cause uneven build-up around the scalp. It’s best to distribute it in a thin even layer.
  • Do: Let it sit for a couple of minutes before styling your hair.
  • Do: Brush it out. Although we said let it sit for a minute, don’t let it sit forever. Gently comb or blow-out the dry shampoo a couple of minutes after application.