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Is having a hair transplant worth the cost?

Is having a hair transplant worth the cost?

According to global figures, approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss, beginning at around age 35. With around 47% of people admitting they would spend their life saving on restoring a full head of hair (figures from an ISHRS study), we look at whether having a hair transplant is worth the cost.

Surgical hair restoration treatments reduce the appearance of hair loss by selecting and transplanting healthy follicles from an unaffected donor area into the parts of the scalp experiencing poor growth. It’s by no means a quick fix; it can take a few weeks – or even months, but the overall results can be extremely effective.

Whilst hair restoration cannot prevent further hair loss, the hair that grows at the back and side of the head is less likely than the hair on the top of the scalp to suffer from thinning. Furthermore, transplanted follicles are more likely to resist shedding, meaning that you could maintain the appearance of a full head of hair for a long time.

Hair loss is caused by a number of factors, with the most common due to androgenetic alopecia (AA). It can affect people’s lives in different ways, with men’s mental health charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) acknowledging that hair loss is a common issue presented to them as a source of emotional distress and self-esteem issues.

A 2016 study carried out by Dr Para Mohebi found that patients who experienced hair loss at an early age had a more positive outlook on life following hair restoration surgery.

Although it can take up to six months for results to be visible, patients who have gone ahead with hair transplant surgery have provided ample positive feedback, and with a 76% increase in procedures worldwide, more people than ever are receiving hair transplant surgery.

For anyone out there that’s concerned about hair loss and considering treatment, there’s really no substitute for consulting a professional hair clinic. There are so many treatments out there, and it’s important to find the one that right for you.

It would be advisable to book a consultation to discuss your options with a hair restoration expert before deciding how to proceed. Accredited, reputable clinics usually offer a free consultation where you can expect to be offered knowledgeable, impartial advice based on your requirements, as well as information on preventing further hair loss.

Although some procedures appear lower in cost than others, it is essential that you select a qualified practitioner that can advise you of the results associated with treatments for hair loss, and provide attentive aftercare to ensure optimum results.