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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatment

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PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment, also dubbed the ‘vampire’ treatment, claims many restorative benefits and was brought into the mainstream by celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, a few years ago as a way of encouraging a youthful complexion.

After Kim shared a post on her Instagram feed, enquiries about the treatment rose by 56% according to WhatClinic, and now it’s becoming increasingly popular as a way of treating hair thinning and loss.

PRP Treatment

So, What Is PRP Treatment And How Can It Help To Fight A Thinning Hairline?

It’s thought to be an effective treatment for those in the early stages of hair loss. It can potentially encourage hair regrowth, resulting in visibly thicker-looking hair. It also comes with the added benefit of no allergy risks, as the blood is drawn from the patient’s own vein.

During the procedure, blood taken from the patient is processed in a machine and then injected back in to the areas of scalp hair loss. The machine removes the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from red blood cells, which is believed to stimulate new stem cells.

The full process takes less than 40 minutes and is considered to be an extremely safe, non-invasive procedure. To see good results, it’s normally recommended that a patient has eight individual sessions, however this can vary depending on the extent of hair loss and condition of the affected area.

PRP can potentially give you a thicker-looking head of hair. And, as the blood is taken from the patient’s own vein, there is also no risk of allergies or reactions. It also comes with a cost benefit, as it’s relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of the other hair restoration treatments on the market.

For anyone who is concerned about hair loss and is considering treatment, there’s really no substitute for consulting a professional hair clinic.

If you are interested in finding more information out about PRP therapy for hair loss or other restoration treatments, it’s essential that you select a qualified practitioner that can provide expert advice that’s tailored to your individual requirements, and provide attentive aftercare to ensure optimum results.

Free consultations

Here at JUVIDA Clinics, we offer FREE consultations for hair loss treatments!

A consultation at JUVIDA is an essential first step on your path to restored confidence. This gives you a chance to be fully informed before making a decision, and allows you to ask any questions you may have. We understand how momentous a choice this is, and how anxious you may be about the procedure itself. You will also get the chance to discuss your hair transplant cost.

Hair loss affects everyone experiencing it. For many males and females alike, discussing hair loss requires sensitivity and compassion. As a team, we work with patients of all ages with various conditions. We make every stage of your treatment as easy as possible.

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